How to personalize and what are the advantages for an SMS campaign?

The benefits of SMS personalization

Would you like to launch new marketing campaigns to develop your business? Don't hesitate any longer and start sending SMS messages to your customers, especially personalized ones. At a time when smartphones are ubiquitous, customers check their messages several times a day, and will feel all the more concerned if these messages are addressed directly to them. Discover the many advantages of personalized SMS messages!

Customer engagement

The main advantage of personalized SMS campaigns is their high customer engagement rate. After all, almost everyone has a cell phone and consults it on a daily basis. While classical SMS campaigns still work, personalization brings a real sense of inclusion for the customer.

Adding the first and last name of the person to whom you're sending the SMS is very quick and requires little effort, but the benefits are significant. By feeling involved, recipients are more inclined to read the message and click on the link it contains.

The engagement rate of SMS messages is excellent, since the vast majority of recipients open these messages quickly after receiving them, which is not always the case with emails, which are often left unopened for days before being deleted.

Building customer loyalty

Once the customer has been engaged, the next step is to build loyalty. By sending regular SMS messages throughout the year, your customers tend to stay loyal if the content is interesting and relevant. You can, for example, notify them of a promotion on products left in their shopping cart, or offer items related to their previous purchases.

By adapting the content of the message to their consumption patterns, your customers will feel involved and guided. Be careful, however, not to send too many SMS messages to avoid ending up in the spam folder!

Target a specific event

Personalized SMS campaigns also help you communicate with your customers on special occasions throughout the year. Thanks to the information you have about your recipients, you can interest them in a variety of ways. For example, you can send welcome, birthday or thank-you messages for a purchase, using data such as gender, age, city and frequently purchased products.

A personalized SMS for the recipient's birthday, offering a special promotion or a gift, can entice the customer to visit your site or store, increasing the chances of conversion.

Enjoy the benefits of a classic SMS campaign

In addition to the benefits of personalization, SMS campaigns leverage the advantages of traditional marketing methods.

Instant SMS

Unlike other communication tools, SMS stands out for its rapidity and instantaneousness. Once the message scripts have been prepared, the message is sent immediately. This method enables rapid adjustments, which is particularly useful for weekly or even more frequent campaigns.

An easy-to-implement solution

Compared to email or newsletter campaigns, SMS messages require little creativity or thought. They don't require complex design or layout work, and the content is short and punchy, making it quick to write.

An inexpensive tool

SMS communication is less expensive than other marketing tools such as billboards. Sending a message generally costs between 0.04 and 0.20 cents, which is very cost-effective even for a large number of recipients.

The benefits of grouped messages

Even if each SMS is personalized, it's possible to send grouped messages by modifying the information for each individual. Many tools can automate this process, saving you time, especially if you have anticipated the different types of SMS to be sent.

How to calculate the effectiveness of a personalized SMS campaign?

To evaluate the effectiveness of your personalized SMS campaigns, use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). While we know that personalized SMS messages are an excellent means of communication, it's important to measure their impact. KPIs enable you to analyze delivery, open, response, unsubscribe and conversion rates, as well as the number of clicks on links and return on investment (ROI).

This precise analysis enables you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your campaigns, and understand what did and didn't motivate purchases. By comparing different campaigns, you can determine which offers work best and improve your future mailings.

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