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Forget invalid emails!

Thanks to OxiBounce, you can check and clean up your email lists in just a few clicks. Without contacting the recipient directly, we identify invalid and dangerous emails to protect you.

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It only takes one invalid e-mail!

Some of the invalid e-mail addresses in your file could be extremely dangerous!

The worst are addresses that were valid but have become invalid and recycled as spamtrap. It can take as little as one message sent to such an address to get you blocked by an operator!

By regularly cleaning your lists, you can quickly identify invalid addresses and avoid these traps!

A spamtrap and you

Why should you use OxiBounce?

Improve your statistics

By sending messages only to valid e-mails, you improve your open and click rates and the "positive" reactions to your campaigns!

Operators analyse these indicators to prioritise messages from quality senders and to decide on spam/inbox classification.

Optimise your budget

By removing invalid recipients from your files, your campaigns will cost less and your budget will be optimised.

There's no need to spend money sending emails that won't arrive!

Get details about your recipients

OxiBounce doesn't just tell you whether an address is working or not.

Dozens of additional pieces of information are provided, such as the type of address (robot, free, disposable, etc.) and even the email operator.

Stay within the limits

The NPAI (invalid address) rate is an indicator that operators use to identify senders with bad practices.

If you exceed the alert threshold (generally between 5 and 10%), you could find that your messages are refused or classified as spam. By cleaning up your file before you send it, you won't damage your reputation!

Avoid traps

Operators regularly recycle invalid addresses into "spamtraps", which enable them to identify senders who fail to update their recipients' contact details.

All you have to do is send an e-mail to a "spamtrap" and you'll find yourself blocked or spammed by an operator.

Be more responsive

A contact with invalid address details is a lost customer. By regularly analysing your files, you can proactively identify changes of address and contact your recipients (by other means!) to make the correction.

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How does it work?

OxiBounce is an easy-to-use online platform and all the steps below can be automated using our API.

Upload your file

You send your list of e-mail addresses in total security.

OxiBounce analyses addresses

The addresses are processed through multiple filters and we validate their real existence (without sending a message to your recipients).

You get the results back

Your cleaned list is available to download. For each address, you get its status (OK, KO...) and lots of other information (dangerous, robot...).

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Other features...

Identify robots

Identify robots

OxiBounce identifies addresses that are being used by robots. There's no point in trying to talk to them - they won't listen!

Get rid of disposable addresses

Get rid of disposable addresses

We analyse the address to identify whether it is a disposable (and therefore unreliable) email address.

Disposable email addresses are very convenient for users who don't want to give out their real email address, but in some cases (especially when confidential data is being exchanged) you should not accept registrations with addresses of this type.

Protect yourself from spamtraps

Avoid spamtraps

Our technology and proprietary data enable us to identify certain types of spam trap.

Spamtraps are "trap" addresses used to identify senders with poor list hygiene.

They are clearly your worst enemies: it is often enough to send an email to a spamtrap to find yourself blocked by an operator.

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Take advantage of our expertise

We know all about email: we've been e-mail providers since 2004!

When you use OxiBounce, you benefit from all our functionalities as well as our support.

Whether you send your emails via OxiMailing or another router, we'll support you in all matters concerning your deliverability.

What's more, we can be reached by phone (us!).

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