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With OxiSMS, send your SMS campaigns all over the world with "Premium" features via a simple and economical solution. With read rates close to 90%, SMS represent a perfect complement for your communication!

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Global SMS coverage

Worldwide coverage

Our software allows you to send SMS worldwide through a very intuitive interface that lets you create quickly and easily SMS campaigns in full autonomy, whether you're a beginner or an expert.

The same rate for all SMS destinations

Attractive pricing

Thanks to our expertise, we can offer you Premium SMS at very competitive prices without limiting the quality of our platform and the features we offer.

Send premium SMS

Premium features

By sending SMS via OxiSMS, you enjoy the best routing available, the possible customization of sender and message, free receipt of replies from your recipients ...

Clean your telephone number list

Clean your files

Because having a properly maintained list is important for the quality of your campaigns, OxiSMS proposes to clean your recipient lists. Remove duplicates, check the phone numbers format, it's very easy and very quick with OxiSMS.

Manage your unsubscribers with ease

Automatically manage unsubscriptions

If you want to, OxiSMS can automatically handle unsubscriptions in your SMS. We manage automatically unsubscriptions with "STOP" messages from your recipients or via a dedicated web page.

Effective targeting for your SMS campaigns

Advanced filters and searches

OxiSMS allows you to create specific targets among your recipients via powerful search and filter tools. For example, use the highlighter to isolate one or more parts of your recipient list.

Customized sender

Customize the sender...

You can either use the default sender (short code) or opt for personalization with a name of your choice. This is perfect for setting you apart from competitors in the inbox of your recipients.

Customized SMS message

... and the message!

If your recipient file contains, in addition to the destination numbers, information like full names for example, you can customize messages in order to integrate this information.

Answer mode for your SMS contests

Handle responses

Activate the free "response mode" to receive replies from recipients to your messages. Ideal for organizing a contest, for example!

Real time tracking

Real time tracking

Our tracking report allows you to follow, in real time, the sending of your SMS and their reception by your recipients. The graphic report is available directly in the software and can also be sent by email!

Export results of your SMS campaigns

Exportable results

All results of your campaigns are exportable to Excel or CSV so you can update your CRM or perform additional analyzes for example.


Connect your applications via the API

With OxiSMS you have a free HTTP API to connect your applications and websites to the platform. You benefit from the support and quality of our platform for all your SMS sending!

Other features...

Sms are not limited to 160 characters!

Sms are not limited to 160 characters!

OxiSMS manages conventional SMS (160 characters) and "Long" SMS. No need to minimize your message: if the limit of 160 characters is exceeded, OxiSMS automatically sends a long SMS.

SMS vocalization

SMS vocalization

You don't have the mobile number of some recipients? Don't worry, send them your SMS on their landline! Our system will voice it automatically! Moreover it's free! (only available for landlines in France for now).

Schedule your sendings

Schedule your sendings

If you want, you can schedule your SMS sending. These will be sent to your recipients on the date and time of your choice.

Secured Data

Keep the control on your lists

OxiMailing allows you to save your campaigns:

  • On your computer:
    Your mailing list is then not stored on our servers and your mailing list is only on your computer.
  • On the OxiMailing Cloud:
    Your campaign is stored in a secure online space accessible only with your account.

In one case as in the other we guarantee complete confidentiality about the data you useq in OxiMailing. We do not use the data of our clients, it's a contractual obligation on our part. Important in a world where privacy becomes a rare thing!

SMS with special characters

SMS with advanced characters

Some routers require you to limit yourself to the "GSM" alphabet (letters without any accent in particular), this is not the case with OxiSMS. We handle all the characters of the Western alphabets, including accents and special characters such as the euro character  € .

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