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Excel, CSV, Access, SQL Server, MySQL, ... OxiMailing imports any type of mailing list. You can also choose to import an address book (Outlook, Gmail, ...) or even use a direct connection to your database (MySQL, SQL Server, ...).

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Import your mailing list from any format
Clean your mailing list

your lists

Because having a properly maintained list is important for the quality of your email campaigns, OxiMailing proposes to clean your mailing lists. Remove duplicates, check the syntax of email addresses and the existence of their domain names, it's very easy and very quick with OxiMailing.

Manage your unsubscribers with ease

Automatically manage unsubscriptions

If you want to, OxiMailing can automatically handle unsubscribtions on your emails. You can even customize the unsubscribe page with your own text and logo.

Processing bounces is easy

Bounces are processed

With OxiMailing, bounces are handled automatically. Our platform is able to distinguish hard bounces (invalid recipient address) and soft bounces (mailbox full). So your files have a very low bounce rate, which means a better deliverability.

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Other features...

Secured Data

Keep the control on your lists

OxiMailing allows you to save your campaigns:

  • On your computer:
    Your mailing list is then not stored on our servers and your mailing list is only on your computer.
  • On the OxiMailing Cloud:
    Your campaign is stored in a secure online space accessible only with your account.

In one case as in the other we guarantee complete confidentiality about the data you useq in OxiMailing. We do not use the data of our clients, it's a contractual obligation on our part. Important in a world where privacy becomes a rare thing!

Advanced features

Domains verification

OxiMailing integrates a verification tool of the domain names of your email addresses. It is able to detect, even before sending, that addresses are wrong. This way, you save your email credits by not contacting addresses whose domain is misspelled...

Advanced features

Use the advanced features

OxiMailing allows you to filter, sort, and even highlight your recipients. For example you can choose to highlight some recipients randomly and send your message only to them. Search tools are very powerful and allow you to easily find one or more recipients.


Our solutions are developed in France and fully hosted in Europe.
They are compatible with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules.
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