Free version or pro version?

OxiForms can be used with two types of accounts: free accounts and paid accounts (pro). The free account can be used immediately, without registration, without obligation and, as the name suggests, free. However, it is limited in number of forms (5 maximum) and number of responses (100 per form).

Warning. Free accounts are for personal use only. To use OxiForms as a professional, you can use the free account to test the solution, but you need to opt for a paid account before starting to collect your answers.

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OxiForms - Free version or Pro version
Access to all design elements

All design elements unlocked

With the Pro version of OxiForms, you can access all of the design elements. You especially unlock the "Page Break" item for constructing multipart forms.

No limit in the number of forms and the number of responses per form

No limit!

With the Pro version of OxiForms, limitations of the free version disappear. You can collect as many answers as you want and create an infinite number of forms.

No advertising on the questionnaire

Remove ads!

All advertising items are removed from your forms with the Pro version of OxiForms. Thus, users can concentrate on the essential: your questions!

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OxiForms is free for individuals and can be tested for free by all.
No obligation.

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Other features...

Redirection to a website at the end of the staisfaction survey

Redirect to a website at the end of Form

With the Pro version of OxiForms, you can change the landing page of your form. Thus, you can make users come back to your website automatically!


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