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With OxiForms, you get, in real time, the responses to your forms. You can use these results directly in OxiForms or export them to Microsoft Excel (for example).

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Analyses the responses to your forms
Live feed of responses to your forms

Get the answers in real time

For each answer received, a notification is displayed in OxiForms allowing you to consult it directly! If you have activated the alert email, a message (customizable) containing the answers of the user is sent to the address of your choice.

Synthetic table of form responses

Consult the data in OxiForms

A result table is provided to you. This contains not only the replies from your users, but also additional information such as, for example, geographic location or IP address of the person who answered.

Export forms results

Export Results

All answers can directly be exported to Microsoft Excel or to a CSV file. This allows you to perform your own analysis or to update your CRM. All data can be exported (including IP data, geographical location etc.).

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Other features...

Pass parameters to the online form

Passing parameters

You can send to the form an external parameter that will be recorded in the response of the user. This allows you to make the connection between the recorded response and a user's internal identifier.

Direct download of forms results

Results Direct Download

You want to connect OxiForms to your own system? Use the direct link to download the results without using the software.


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