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With OxiForms, create easily and quickly all kind of forms: satisfaction surveys, registration forms, requests for information...

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Organize the form elements

Ask questions and organize them

Choose question types and organize them into pages for grouping. Indicate for each question if the answer is mandatory and validation rules (minimum length etc.).

Follow the events on your forms by email

Use the email functions!

OxiForms allows you to use email to receive alerts in case of new reply, to request the validation of an email, or even to send a summary email to the user. Each message can be fully customized (sender, subject, content ...).

Apply a theme on your forms

Choose a theme!

You can apply the theme you want, in order to give your form the appearance of your choice. The theme change is done in one click and can be modified at any time!

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Other features...

Set a period of validity for the form

Limit answer periods

You can limit the period during which a form is available. For example you can specify that a form is available only until a certain date or that the allowed response time is between a date and another!

Set a limit for answers to your contest or your online survey

Limit the number of responses

You organize a contest and want to limit enrollment to the first 100 people? No problem, specify a maximum number of responses and voila!

Protect your forms against abuse

Many other options

Limit the number of responses to one per person, make sure that people who answer are human (captcha), protect the form using a password ... all these features are available in OxiForms!


Our solutions are developed in France and fully hosted in Europe.
They are compatible with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules.
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