What's the point of testing several versions in a mail marketing campaign?

The benefits of testing several versions before launching an e-mail campaign

In an email campaign, it's crucial that every e-mail you send out is tailored to your objectives, and above all to your end customers, whether B2B or B2C. To maximize your chances of achieving an excellent click-through rate, it's essential to include different "call to action" elements. Testing several versions allows you to choose the one that best meets your objectives. But why is testing so important?

Which version will convert best?

E-mails are highly effective acquisition tools. As well as being addressed directly to your target, they can contain various elements to encourage recipients to click on the links included. The key is to determine which version of your email will convert best.

Well-placed "call to action" elements

If you're hesitating between several versions of an e-mail, start by examining the way the information is arranged. Structure plays a crucial role: the wrong placement of important elements can lead to them being overlooked by the reader. By testing your e-mails, you'll discover if one version is more striking than the other and if the information is quickly understandable. A good user experience is essential.

You also need to ensure that images and special characters are displayed correctly on all media. An illegible email may be perceived as fraudulent, leading the reader to report it as spam or unsubscribe.

Buttons that generate clicks

In some emails, buttons with URLS are required to redirect the user to a website or platform. By testing your e-mails, you'll be able to see which version most encourages your audience to click on these buttons.

Adapting emails to different screens

Testing ensures that your email is displayed correctly on all screens. It's crucial that your content is responsive, i.e. that it adapts to the medium on which it's viewed. If an email doesn't display correctly, the reader could miss important information.

Consider your users' consumption habits: do they read your emails from their smartphone or desktop computer? Your email should be pleasant to read on any medium. When testing, make sure your content can be viewed on:

  • A laptop
  • Cell phone
  • A tablet

If you include images in your email, make sure they are visible on all screens. Testing will help you discover which version displays best.

Check that the subject line is eye-catching enough

Testing is also an opportunity to make sure that the subject of your e-mail is adapted to your target and your content. The subject line is the first thing your audience will see, so it needs to be intriguing and eye-catching.

Object content

When A/B testing your object, check which content is the most effective. A relevant subject line encourages the reader to read further. Make sure your sentences have a promising turn of phrase. Testing also enables you to check that your subject line doesn't contain "spamwords", those terms that send your e-mails straight to the "spam" section of mailboxes.

Form matters

E-mail subject lines are very short and must respect a certain number of characters. Some mailboxes only display around 30 characters. Your tests will enable you to check that the subject is displayed correctly. If the subject line is too long, your contacts may miss crucial information. Keep it short and to the point, so that the reader quickly understands what it's all about.

Make sure your objectives are achievable

During your tests, make sure that your objectives are well represented and that your e-mails are received without any problems. Testing can detect disruptive elements and ensure that your e-mail is fulfilling its mission, such as directing customers to your site to increase traffic.

Finally, consider your target audience. Make sure that the content and parameters of the email are adapted to the habits of your recipients. From the tested versions, you can select the one that best matches your objectives, your target, and the optimal sending time.

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