Write a compelling e-mail or SMS message that calls for action

Write a compelling e-mail or SMS message that calls for action

Competition for the attention of your e-mail or SMS recipients is fierce, and writing a powerful message has become an essential skill for any effective communication strategy.

Whether you're promoting a product, inviting people to an event or simply generating engagement, a well-written message can make all the difference between being noticed and ignored.

At Oxemis, we help you understand the techniques and tricks for creating messages that capture attention, inspire action and generate tangible results.

Get ready to discover the secrets of writing irresistible messages that will take your communication to the next level.

1/ Choose the tagline for your email or SMS message

The first line of your message is the first impression you'll make on your recipient, and it's crucial to capturing their attention right from the start.

Whether it's an email or a SMS, a powerful teaser needs to be concise, clear and intriguing. It must arouse the reader's interest and make them want to find out more. To achieve this, you can use various techniques such as posing a pertinent question, proposing a solution to a problem, or creating a sense of urgency or exclusivity. The aim is to make the recipient want to continue reading your message and, ideally, take action.

We recommend the use of imperative verbs such as "enjoy", "discover" or "reserve". Their purpose is to stimulate the recipient by awakening a desire to act immediately.

You can also incorporate intense qualifying adjectives into your message to reinforce the impact of the chosen verb. Instead of simply saying: "Buy our product", opt for: "Take advantage of our exceptional offer now!" The adjective 'exceptional' will add an extra dimension to your proposition.

Incorporating numbers into your messages is also an essential strategy. Not only are they a natural eye-catcher, but they also add a concrete dimension to your proposal, reinforcing its credibility and appeal.

It is therefore essential to carefully select the words that will have the greatest impact on your recipients, giving priority to those that arouse interest, provoke an immediate reaction and incite action.


2/ Create an emergency

Set a time limit

In digital marketing, creating a sense of urgency is a proven tactic for encouraging action. This urgency can be generated by setting a specific deadline. At Oxemis, we advise you to use formulations such as "Offer valid until midnight" or "Available only for 24 hours", which are commonly used. This approach emphasizes the rarity of the offer and induces a sense of urgency in the reader.

Highlighting unique benefits

Beyond generating a sense of urgency, it's vital to highlight the distinctive advantages your offering can bring to the customer. It's not enough to simply state that your product or service is excellent; you need to explain why it stands out from the crowd and how it meets the customer's specific needs. For example, if you sell anti-virus software, instead of just saying it's powerful, mention that it protects against all kinds of digital threats while optimizing system performance.

The combination of these two strategies - setting a time limit and highlighting unique benefits - can considerably boost the impact of your marketing messages, encouraging recipients to act quickly.

3/ Personalize your message

Include recipient's name

Incorporating the recipient's name into a digital message is an effective way of capturing their attention. This approach creates proximity and recognition, reinforcing the impact of your communication. By using the recipient's first name, you show them that the message has been specially designed for them, which significantly increases the chances of a positive response to your call to action.

Adjustment according to audience segmentation

In digital marketing, personalization goes far beyond the basic use of proper names. It involves carefully tailoring messages to the specific characteristics and behaviors of each audience segment. This tailor-made approach aims to create more meaningful and engaging interactions with your recipients, boosting the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Before sending out your messages, it's essential to carry out in-depth analyses to identify the various audience segments. These segments can be defined on the basis of a variety of variables, such as demographics, interests, consumer habits and customer journeys. By better understanding the needs and preferences of each target group, you can adapt the content of your communications in a more relevant and personalized way.

The aim of this segmentation is to ensure that each message is addressed specifically to each audience segment, using the language, tone and offers that best resonate with them.

For example, a younger segment of the population might be more receptive to more casual language and specific promotional offers, while an older segment might prefer a more formal tone and offers focused on quality and reliability.

By taking a strategic approach to audience segmentation, you can maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, increasing the engagement and conversion of your recipients. It also strengthens customer relationships by showing that you understand and meet the unique needs of each target group, which can lead to increased loyalty and long-term growth for your business.

Make each line meaningful

In a digital world where the user's attention is constantly solicited by a multitude of information, every line of your communication must be carefully thought out to arouse interest and incite action. It's crucial that every sentence is concise and punchy, offering immediate added value to the reader.

It's essential to ensure that content not only conveys information, but also evokes emotions relevant to the recipient. Your message must stand out by capturing attention and arousing positive feelings or motivations in your audience.

Personalization** plays a key role in the effectiveness of your digital communications. By tailoring your message to the specific needs, preferences and interests of each recipient, you dramatically increase the chances of engagement and conversion. Every word counts in creating a powerful message that resonates with your target audience and inspires them to take action.

4/ A clear call to action

CTAOnce you've instilled a sense of urgency and personalized your message, it's essential to incite clear action.

In the digital world, we often use the term "call to action" or CTA. It's a clear instruction to the reader, telling them what to do next. An effective CTA is concise, precise and uses powerful action verbs such as "buy", "register" or "download".

It's important to avoid vague or passive terms that don't give the reader a clear direction. What's more, the location of the CTA in your message is also crucial: it must be positioned where the reader's eye naturally goes after browsing your content.

Experiment with different versions of your CTAs to evaluate their relative effectiveness.

Always bear in mind that every part of your message must serve this supreme objective: to encourage the reader to take action without delay.

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