Since 2004, we've been inventing tools to make your life easier!

Created by a group of friends with a passion for computing and communications, Oxemis' mission is to make your life easier.

For 20 years, we've been creating easy-to-use tools, designed to help you communicate more effectively without wasting time.

From the outset of our activity, we have always wanted to remain a human-sized structure, close to our customers (some of whom have been with us since the start of our adventure) and proud to be based in France near Lille.

So yes, we're not a multinational company raising millions, we're still in the small business spirit and we prefer to know our users and meet their needs rather than be quoted on the stock market!

Why choose us?
expertise oxemis


Since 2004, we've been experts in sending electronic messages.

E-mails and text messages hold no secrets for us. Thanks to our expertise and precious advice, your messages have every chance of being delivered successfully!

support oxemis


Forget inhuman call centers, our added value: to always be at your side!

We support our customers (free of charge!) on all aspects of our products. Configuration, installation, use, recommendations... Don't hesitate to contact us!

simplicité oxemis


We design our tools to be as easy to use as possible.

That's why you'll never find an user guide or instructions manual (apart of the FAQ) - we want our tools to be intuitive.

RGPD oxemis

Protection of personal data

We are one of the few companies to guarantee you total control over your data because our solutions can be used from software installed on your PC / MAC.

In this mode, we do not manage your mailing lists and only you have access to them. If you use our online services, we guarantee you total control of your personal data (DPA).

La connectivité


Our solutions have an API that connects your tools to our platform.

You can therefore send your campaigns from our solutions and route your messages sent from your CRM / websites (etc.) on our platform to benefit from our quality of service for all your needs!.

Oxemis Made In France

Made In France

We've been based near Lille, in France, since the start of our adventure.

We're proud to design our services in France and to have our technical infrastructure at two of France's leading hosting providers: OVH and Scaleway.

By choosing Oxemis you are choosing to work with artisans. As a human-sized company, we are close to our customers and we are proud to offer them the benefit of our e-mail / sms expertise for 20 years!

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Our solutions are developed in France and fully hosted in Europe.
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