Check the results of your emailing in real time

Follow the live results of your campaign. Track clicks, openings, unsubscribes, bounces... Results are displayed in graphs and exportable detailed tables.

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Statistics on your emailing
Global tracking report

A complete report

Our tracking report is one of the most complete available on the market: click rate, open rate, transfer rate, evolution over time, reading tools, geographical location of recipients ... The report is available directly in OxiMailing and can also be shared via an e-mail or a link!

Detailed results of email campaigns

Exportable detailed results

In addition to the graphical report, all tracking data is presented in detailed tables that you can export to perform your own analysis or incorporate them into your own system.

Evolution of the results of your email campaigns

360 View

This tool allows you to see the evolution of your campaign performance over time. With that information, you will be able to identify the most effective campaigns, and adapt your communication strategy.

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Other features...

Thermal Mapping of clicks

Detect "hot zones"

The "map of clicks" displays the "heat zones" of your message. The more a link is clicked, the more the area appears red. Ideal for identifying the interests of your users.

Retargeting wizard

Compatibility with "Analytics tools"

To find out what internet users are doing on your website after clicking in your email sent with OxiMailing, you can very easily enable "Analytics" tracking (compatible with Google Analytics, Piwik, etc.).

Retargeting wizard

Optimize your campaigns with retargeting

Create a new campaign based on the results of a previous one. For example, to contact recipients who opened your message but have not clicked on any link.


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