Measure your e-mailing performance with OxiMailing

Measure your e-mailing performance with OxiMailing

In an ever-changing digital world, the effectiveness of your email strategy with OxiMailing is of the utmost importance. Faced with ever fiercer competition and increasingly demanding consumers, it's essential to accurately assess the performance of your campaigns.

With this in mind, we invite you to dive with us into the world of key indicators to identify, define relevant objectives, optimize data analysis and adjust your strategy to get the most out of your investment.

At Oxemis, we understand the importance of every aspect of your e-mailing strategy, and we're here to help you every step of the way to digital success.

1/ Identify key indicators to measure your emailing performance with OxiMailing

To measure the performance of your emailing operations, identifying key indicators is a crucial step. These KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are the tools that will help you judge the effectiveness of your operations. They act like compasses, guiding you through the complex landscape of digital marketing and enabling you to make informed decisions.

One of the first indicators to consider is open rate. This crucial figure represents the percentage of recipients who have opened your e-mail in relation to the total number of mailings. A high proportion indicates that your subject line and pre-header have succeeded in capturing the reader's attention and curiosity at first glance, opening the door to further interaction.

Next, the click-through rate (CTR) comes into play. This metric analyzes the ratio between the total number of clicks registered in your e-mail and the number of e-mails sent. It offers valuable insight into recipients' engagement with the content of your message, enabling you to assess the appeal and relevance of your offer or call to action.

Another key indicator is conversion rate. This percentage represents the proportion of recipients who have carried out a specific action after clicking on a link in your e-mail, be it making a purchase, registering for an event, or filling in a form. It's a tangible measure of the effectiveness of your message in converting prospects into customers or qualified leads.

Let's not forget the attrition rate, often overlooked but just as important. This metric reflects the proportion of recipients who unsubscribe from your list after each mailing. Monitoring this rate allows you to assess your audience's satisfaction and continued interest in your communications, and can provide valuable insights for improving your loyalty strategy.

These four indicators are undeniably essential, but they are not exhaustive. Depending on your specific objectives and sector of activity, you may also need to monitor other parameters, such as the revenue generated per e-mail sent, the number of qualified leads acquired thanks to your campaigns, or the quality of the traffic directed to your website. Identifying and carefully monitoring these key indicators will provide you with the data you need to continually optimize your e-mailing campaigns with OxiMailing, and maximize their impact on your business.


2/ Defining precise objectives in your e-mailing strategy

Targeting opening rates

When setting precise objectives for your e-mailing strategy, targeting open rate proves to be an essential indicator. This vital metric measures the proportion of recipients who have opened your e-mail in relation to the total volume sent. A high open rate indicates that the subject and sender of your e-mails have succeeded in arousing the interest of recipients as soon as they arrive in their inbox. This is the first step towards a fruitful interaction.

To improve this ratio, it's highly recommended to personalize your e-mail subject lines, adapting them to the specific preferences and needs of each segment of your audience. Adopting a segmented, personalized approach can greatly enhance the perceived relevance of your e-mails, increasing the chances of them being opened and read by your recipients. By refining the segmentation of your contact base, you can also better target your messages and deliver offers or information that truly resonate with each demographic or behavioral group.

By keeping a close eye on this metric and making strategic adjustments accordingly, you can significantly improve the effectiveness and impact of your e-mail communications.

Measuring click-through rates

Evaluating the click-through rate is a crucial step in measuring the level of engagement generated by your content within your e-mail campaigns. This metric offers valuable insight into how recipients interact with your message, by quantifying the total number of clicks on the links in your e-mail as a proportion of the total number of e-mails opened.

In-depth analysis of this parameter reveals vital insights into the relevance and appeal of your offers or information to your target audience. A low click-through rate value may signal that the information shared is not sufficiently captivating, or is presented in a visually unappealing way, which can hinder recipients' engagement.

By regularly adjusting these two key factors - the open rate and click-through rate - according to their respective performances, you'll be able to fine-tune your future e-mailing campaigns. By identifying trends and weaknesses, you can adapt your content, e-mail subject lines and strategy to strategy to maximize engagement and stimulate interaction with your audience, leading to more positive results and conversion of prospects into customers.

3/ Optimizing data analysis

Post-click conversion tracking

For in-depth data analysis and effective optimization of your e-mail campaigns, post-click conversion tracking is an essential element not to be overlooked. This essential metric evaluates the number of specific actions taken on your website following a click on your e-mail. These actions can include a wide range of behaviors, such as purchasing a product, downloading a document, subscribing to a newsletter, or any other action previously defined as a conversion objective.

By closely monitoring this metric, you get a clear and precise view of the return on investment of your e-mail campaigns. You can directly assess how many of your recipients take action after being exposed to your message, enabling you to measure the real effectiveness of your e-mails in terms of lead generation, sales or other business objectives.

In addition, post-click conversion tracking helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your campaigns. By examining conversion rates for each specific action, you can determine which offers, calls-to-action or segments of your audience are performing best, and adjust your strategy accordingly. For example, if you see a high conversion rate for a particular offer, you may decide to highlight it in future campaigns, or refine your targeting to reach more similar prospects.

Evaluating commitment over several e-mails

The other key aspect of effective e-mailing performance measurement is the assessment of engagement over time. By analyzing user behavior in relation to the various e-mails sent (opens, clicks, etc.), we can determine whether your messages retain their appeal, or whether their impact is gradually waning. By identifying the types of content that generate the greatest engagement, this longitudinal analysis helps us to refine your strategy.

Analysis of unsubscribes and spam complaints

Negative indicators, such as unsubscribe rates and spam complaints associated with your email marketing, are elements that should never be underestimated. This data can reveal crucial information about your recipients' overall perception of your campaigns: are they perceived as too intrusive? Too frequent? Or perhaps not relevant enough to your target audience?

An in-depth study of these indicators can provide invaluable insights for fine-tuning your e-mailing strategy. For example, a high unsubscribe rate may indicate that your e-mails are perceived as intrusive or irrelevant by part of your audience. By closely analyzing the reasons for churn and identifying recurring trends, you can adjust the frequency, content and targeting of your e-mails to better meet your subscribers' expectations and reduce the risk of disengagement.

Similarly, spam complaints are an alarming indicator requiring immediate attention. They indicate that some recipients consider your e-mails to be intrusive or unsolicited, which can damage your reputation as a legitimate sender and have a negative impact on the deliverability of your future messages. By investigating the reasons behind these complaints and taking corrective action you can rebuild trust with your subscribers and restore your reputation as a trusted sender.

4/ Fine-tuning your e-mailing strategy

Once you've defined your objectives and optimized your data analysis, it's time to review your e-mailing approach with OxiMailing. To do this, we suggest you take into account the performance of previous actions.

These elements can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current tactics. For example, if the open rate is low despite a good delivery ratio, this could mean that the e-mail title or text is not sufficiently attractive.

In addition, don't hesitate to experiment with different techniques to discover which one is best suited to your target audience. This may require changes to the way you create your e-mail or classify your recipients.

Adapting your e-mailing methodology requires careful, regular analysis to ensure that each action is more effective than the last. We'd be delighted to help you achieve your goals with Oxemis - a company based in Wambrechies, France. With 20 years' experience, we support our customers in all aspects of e-mail campaign performance. Our solutions are designed in France and 100% hosted in Europe. They are fully compliant with the General Regulation on Personal Data (RGPD).


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