Sms are not limited to 160 characters!

OxiSMS manages conventional SMS (160 characters) and "Long" SMS. No need to minimize your message: if the limit of 160 characters is exceeded, OxiSMS automatically sends a long SMS.

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OxiSMS, an SMS editor which automatically handles long SMS
Customized sender

Customize the sender...

You can either use the default sender (short code) or opt for personalization with a name of your choice. This is perfect for setting you apart from competitors in the inbox of your recipients.

Customized SMS message

... and the message!

If your recipient file contains, in addition to the destination numbers, information like full names for example, you can customize messages in order to integrate this information.

Answer mode for your SMS contests

Handle responses

Activate the free "response mode" to receive replies from recipients to your messages. Ideal for organizing a contest, for example!

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Other features...

SMS Preview

Instant Preview

During the input of your message, you get a live preview of how the message will be displayed to your recipients.

SMS with special characters

SMS with advanced characters

Some routers require you to limit yourself to the "GSM" alphabet (letters without any accent in particular), this is not the case with OxiSMS. We handle all the characters of the Western alphabets, including accents and special characters such as the euro character  € .

Payment methods

  • Bank Cards
  • Mandate
  • Wire transfers
  • Cheques (only for France)
  • Paypal

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